What Our clients are saying…

“I am down 6 lbs so far during this challenge!  Yay! I am so happy with that as it’s nice to see the scale moving and not have to count calories!”  -Crystal P

“I’m done Week 1 of the sugar free challenge and I lost 5 lbs! I’m also feeling much better, overall. Thanks again.” -Trish B

“The easy to read information it was prepared in simple enough terms that everybody was able to understand the points It was very well put together and informative. It made me stop and rethink some things that I was doing.” -Debbie F

“After undergoing the online assessment and discovering my digestive issues, Jen showed me how to not only treat the symptoms but how to attack the cause…and now I feel better than I have in years! Thanks Jen!!” -Rob L

“I really liked how detailed each week was. I learned way more than I came into the program expecting to. Also the challenges at the end were great!”-Ricki M

“I really enjoyed participating in Jennifer’s Holistic Weight Loss Program. Jennifer was very supportive and had great menu ideas.”-Janet A

“They are very informative and realistic and relate to people very easily. Thank you for all your hard work”.-Debbie B

“I purchased the 3 month Total Transform Distance Program. As a working mom this allowed me to work on my exercises 3 days a week at home in a time of the day that fit my schedule. My weekly calls from Cory were what I needed to keep on track and provide the support I was looking for. Cory is a very kind person who is always very positive and provided me with the encouragement I needed, especially after a weekend of not-so-good meal choices! His wife Jen provided me with meal plans and an abundance of additional nutritional information. I was looking for instruction, guidance, accountability and support and that’s exactly what I received from Cory and Jen!” –  Jennifer P

“I purchased the 3 month Total Transform Personal Training Program and had great results! Cory and and his wife Jennifer are amazing to work with and are both very knowledgeable and supportive in helping you reach your own personal goals. With made for you meal plans and in home workouts it was a successful program for myself. Great people, Great program, Great results!” – Michelle L 

“I purchased Train at Home sessions with Cory and he is absolutely fantastic at what he does. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he has his own incredible weight loss success story to back it up. Cory is honest, genuine, and enthusiastic and more importantly, someone that I felt comfortable with in my most vulnerable state of how I felt about my body. He is someone who supported me in low points and celebrated harder than anyone else in my successes.  I really appreciated that fact that I didn’t have to leave my home to get into shape and work out hard. I had some equipment at home, so we used this from time to time, but he found a way to use my own body to create strength and endurance, rather than relying on expensive gym equipment to get the job done. I really liked the instruction videos he provided as part of his packages, so I could keep up with the routines when I was working out alone. I also used his meal planning guides to help keep me on track with my diet.  I am so happy to say that I have lost 30 pounds and so much happier with my body, how I look and feel. Although it may have taken me a bit longer than I maybe wanted to, I take full responsibility for that. See I still really enjoy chocolate and sweets and was not willing to give that up. Together we found a way to still be able to enjoy the things I liked, in moderation, while shedding the pounds. I give Cory so much credit for keeping me going, even when I wanted to quit or didn’t think I could do it. His support, guidance and knowledge has made all the difference in the world. Not only is Cory a wonderful Personal Trainer, he has become a great friend along the way.” – Amber B

“I needed a trainer who would come to the house and work out with me because I felt intimidated to go to the gym. I could not do the exercises the standard way so Cory very gently modified the exercises so that I could have some success. We have worked together for one month and I can see improvements in my physical abilities already. He encourages me to do better and not to give up. Together with his wife Jen, who looks after the nutritional side of things like providing assessments and meal plans they make an incredible team. Invaluable. I look forward to our time together and feel much better as he addresses the weekly challenges that a lifestyle change can have. I would highly recommend this complete Total Transform Program” -Lori A

“Cory is such an inspiration to me! His own personal weight loss is incredible, and on top of that he’s such a kind and funny person. Working with Cory is a joy, and his knowledge and experience makes him relatable and extremely helpful.”-Ashley B

“As a senior, I was nervous about starting a program after years of inactivity. With his empathetic and pleasant manner he was able to help me focus on my strengths and create a program which has increased my energy and flexibility.”-Janet A

“I have worked with Cory over the last year and it has been an absolute pleasure. Cory is truly invested in helping his clients reach optimal health. One can always count on him to support and encourage and he is one of the kindest people I know. I would have to say one of the things that sets Cory apart form other personal trainers and health coaches I’ve worked with before is the fact that he’s fully engaged with his clients. He’s quick to answer questions, give feedback, and find resources to better help the people he works with. He’s such an inspiration and a delight to work with.-Julie R