Cory’s Story

While I had been overweight most of my life, I tipped the scales at 300lbs at the age of 32.  Back then, a typical dinner for me was a large pizza,  chicken wings dumped in a vat of ranch dressing, washed back with a large slurpee, and ice cream for dessert.

Every single day I had junk food and to top it off I smoked almost a pack of cigarettes a day. One evening when I was out for dinner with friends, I started experiencing chest pains. At first I chalked it up to a muscle spasm, but the pains got worse and worse.

I was never a worrier, but the pain was so severe that I thought that I was having a heart attack. A friend drove myself and my wife to a nearby hospital. On the way there all I could think about was how many things I still wanted to accomplish in my life. How many places I wanted to travel to. How I would never get to be a father and would make my wife such a young widow. I started to think of all the choices that had brought me to that moment and all the anger, sadness and pain I had been carrying inside for so long. 

When we got to the hospital I was admitted right away and hooked up to a bunch of machines. Thankfully the tests came back showing that it was not my heart but a gallbladder attack. But tests did come back showing that I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and was advised by my family doctor to go on medication for both at 32.

I was also advised that my gallbladder could keep getting worse and worse and that I may need to have it removed. I asked for a year to try to bring everything  down myself.

This was my wake up call. The poor dietary and lifestyle choices I had been making were killing me. Thankfully I had a sister-in law who was knowledgeable in nutrition and a brother-in law who had started running. With their help I started making healthier choices, I quit smoking, started exercising and signed up for a a half marathon the next year.

At the time I couldn’t even run around the block but having that goal kept me motivated and accountable and I am happy to say that I finished it.  My wife went back to school to become a nutritionist, and we started learning not only how to eat to lose weight, but how to eat to nourish your body on a cellular level. You really “Are what you eat!”

Flash forward a couple years and I have lost 120 lbs (and counting). I still love running but now also love strength training, boxing and even yoga. I am by far the happiest and the healthiest I have ever been and am able to enjoy my life on a whole different level.

I decided that I wanted to give back and help other obese and overweight people overcome their weight loss battles. So in 2014, I decided to go back to school and get my personal training certification. 

If you are struggling with excess weight and looking for someone who will not only train you but coach you towards living the life you are meant to live, it would be an honor to help you.

Jen’s Story

“I have always had a love affair with  food but it hasn’t always been a healthy one. In the past, I used it for comfort, for security, and for protection.  When I quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine, I used food for just about everything. If I was bored, I ate, happy or sad, I ate, causing me to balloon up 70 lbs in less than a year . 

Besides the weight, you can see in my face how sick I became. Dark circles appeared under my eyes from adrenal imbalances and food allergies. My skin became yellow and  leathery and I had acne on my chin from hormonal imbalances. I suffered from acid reflux and digestive problems and my hair started falling out .

Worst of all was the crippling anxiety and agorophobia that accompanied it all, at its worst, keeping me bed ridden with dizziness and heart palpitations.

After visiting several doctors and getting no relief, I was introduced to a wonderful naturopath who was able to point me in the right direction. A few small tweaks in my diet had me feeling stronger very quickly and I really began to learn about the power of proper nutrition.

Now,  my relationship with food is of love and respect.  Respecting myself enough to eat only real, whole, natural foods and respecting the power of food itself. To say nutrition has saved my life is an understatement.  Besides the weight loss (80lbs for me and counting), proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices have given me more energy, more confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Along the way I developed a new passion to educate others about the power of nutrition and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013.